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Meet The Team

Brenden Kenny

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Brenden is a dedicated, self-motivated entrepreneur with a background in strategic selling, new business development, and organizational leadership. He has owned and operated several multi-million dollar businesses in the renewable energy and telecommunications industries. Brenden is masterful at casting a vision and inspiring others which makes him perfect as the leader of our team. Working for a cause is very important to him as he has traveled the world and seen first hand the damage being done to humanity and the planet. He brings his successful business background to ST Network and is a hands on CEO who will be involved in all aspects of the network.

Jenna Stockwell

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer 

Jenna is an entrepreneur, public speaker and writer who is driven by her passion for people and the planet. In 2009 she was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to help launch a Sustainable Energy Company where she and her team created and led a network of over 70,000 people nationwide who promoted clean energy! She was also blessed to travel to remote villages worldwide to participate in sustainability projects which only strengthened her personal mission... to improve the life of MILLIONS while protecting the planet. She now joins ST Network to oversee the non profit partner program as well as to ensure all strategic partnerships and new products & services fit with our unique vision. She is excited to take our dedication to 'mission' to the next level!

Mara Gieseking

Chief Operating Officer 

Mara has a strategic mind that naturally focuses on the details. She is able to keep a high level strategy front and center while also perfectly managing the day to day execution of what needs to happen. In her former role as the Assistant Business Manager of a large school system, she is very familiar working with external partners and vendors, legal compliance, financial and extensive software systems. Mara always puts the organization first and finds time to highlight others. Above and beyond her ability to lead our organization ensuring we make great decisions based on data, is her dedication to our mission! She states the mission is the single reason she decided to join us and is so excited as she knows every sale will make a positive impact in the world!

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